and now… something completely different

I’ve had one goal ever since I opened my first pack of baseball cards back in the early 70s- to open another pack, then another… and another, and then a box, etc. Odds are that if you are reading this introductory entry to our blog, you can relate. I had read stories about guys who busted entire cases of baseball cards, but tended to brush those aside as casually as any mention of Bigfoot or UFO sightings. That’s the kind of stuff dreams are made of, right?

Fast forward thirty some years and I find myself entering into a business partnership with someone where that dream will soon become a reality. Lyndol and I first crossed paths several years ago in a minor league ballpark in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unlike the All-Star home plate collision between Pete Rose and Ray Fosse, our meeting resulted in a friendly handshake and a mutual respect for the game of baseball.

Often during the past several years Lyndol would mention that he would like to own a trading card shop. Of course I would immediately begin badgering him to open one and hire me to help him sort commons. Eventually we settled on working together to create a business that endeavors to introduce our favorite hobby to whole new generations of fans. At the same time, we are aiming to create and maintain friendly relationships with “vintage” collectors who know more about the history of the products than both of us combined.

Thus was born Aardvark Trading Company. As owners of a new business, we thought it might prove interesting to write about our experiences as we learn about what sorts of ideas work in the trading card industry, as well as those items that we try that don’t seem to work out like we have drawn them up.

While I cannot speak for what all Lyndol will write about, my topics will include reviews of new and old products; challenges and opportunities resulting from owning a trading card business; stories from card shows, baseball games, and meeting players; introductions to other baseball card blogs and excellent trading sources; and probably an entire host of items that really don’t belong to any single topic. In spite of my cynical nature, I do tend to try to avoid slamming people or writing negatively as I find those types of entries are as unrewarding to read as they are easy to write. Thus, instead of discussing things that I think are “wrong” with the hobby, I will do my best to write about the positive aspects of collecting and trading.

We welcome thoughts from people outside the company whether you are customers, trading contacts, ballplayers, card manufacturers or even insomniacs who have, upon finding our website, decided that you have finally succeeded in surfing to the far end of the Internet.

Please keep in mind that as owners of the company and creators of our website, we reserve the right to allow and reject comments to our blog entries as we see fit. While we don’t expect everyone to agree with our tastes or opinions, we do ask that you check your guns at the cyber door and wipe the mud off your boots before entering our domain. If you find that you are unable to write a sentence without using overly vulgar language or invoking the “Y” word, we recommend that you get your own blog.

– Kris


2 Responses to “and now… something completely different”

  1. Mario C. Says:

    Welcome to the group! I love the banner! How long before the website is live?

  2. albuqwirke Says:

    Thanks Mario!

    The website actually does already have a slight pulse. Perhaps you are wondering when it will have some content?

    We are working on adding a shopping cart rather than simply trying to sell thru eBay exclusively. Ideally, we will be able to create a similar “trading cart” engine as well.

    I’m sure we will blog about new features of the website as they come online, so keep an eye out on your RSS feed reader.

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