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You’ll have to forgive me if I’ve previously failed to mention that one of the toughest things associated with collecting autographs in person can be deciding what cards to hand a player when you get an opportunity. If I have mentioned this before, don’t sweat it, as it is a lesson worth repeating.

Case in point, current Albuquerque Isotopes third baseman Dallas McPherson. With some 550 different cards featuring this masher, a grapher is presented with some intriguing options. While I have less than one-fifth of McPherson’s cards, I know at the end of the season I will probably still have more unsigned cards of him than I had for the rest of the team combined. The fact that he will normally sign one card, or sometimes two depending on his game, results in having to prioritize the cards I have- especially since I’m not going to try to chase him down after every single home game.

I don’t consider value of the cards into my prioritization process. Instead, I try to imagine which cards will look best with a signature in blue Sharpie. Certainly the glossy factor weighs heavily into the decision making process, with any potential smudgeable cards getting shifted to the back of the stack.

At any rate, here a couple of the first cards I asked Dallas to sign. I really like this 2005 Bowman Heritage card (no. 312) and thought that a signature would complete it.

And even though I didn’t think the parallel mahogany card (also no. 312) would look as sharp autographed, I guess I have enough of a completist streak in me that this choice was unavoidable. In the final analysis, I’m glad I also got this card signed. I appreciate McPherson’s consistency not only with the autograph itself, but also the signature placement.

For those monitoring the Florida Marlins third base situation, McPherson is currently hitting .284 with 12 dingers and 31 runs driven in over 134 at bats. Dallas does have 58 strikeouts and has committed 6 errors on the hot corner over 39 games.

– Kris

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