in person autos – topps 52s – 2007 hitters

Here we go with the latest 2007 Topps 52 Rookies cards I’ve gotten autographed in person by hitters. Relax… there are only four cards in this post.

Nick Gorneault (2007 – no. 38)

Gorneault is currently playing outfield for the Round Rock Express (Houston Astros). Although playing left field helped Nick steer well clear of the infamous Topes Slope in center, the right hander was not shown any mercy by the Albuquerque Autograph Society- the members of which made sure he got good workouts following batting practice and during the short walk between the visiting team’s clubhouse and the waiting hotel shuttle. Always a good sport, Nick is a great ambassador of the game. It wasn’t until after the series with the Express had ended and I was pulling cards for the Memphis Redbirds that I discovered two additional cards of Nick that have his name so terribly misspelled that I didn’t even realize they were of him. Luckily the Express return to Albuquerque in a couple of weeks so I can also get them signed.

Don Kelly (2007 – no. 47)

It isn’t easy to smear a signature on the matte surface of a Topps 52 card, but Don Kelly figured out a way. This 6’4” “short”stop for the Tucson Sidewinders (Arizona Diamondbacks) seemed uninterested in signing autographs for fans. Understandably, he was probably preoccupied with figuring out how to go about raising his anemic .148 season road batting average that showed only slight improvement (.190) when he took his hacks with runners in scoring position.

Andy LaRoche (2007 – no. 44)

Andy LaRoche’s minor league rehab assignment with the Las Vegas 51s (Los Angeles Dodgers) meshed nicely with my plan on getting this card signed. Andy is one of those players who will sign one card per fan… when he is in a signing mood. I am pleased to have gotten him on this card in spite of the fact that it meant not getting him on any Allen & Ginter cards. Remember, in the final analysis, it is all about setting your priorities before you head out to the ballpark!

Mitch Maier (2007 – no. 217 [short print])

Don’t you hate short prints? Okay, they are nice when you have them. However, it stinks when you don’t and you can only stand by and watch while some joker next to you gets one autographed. (In this case, the joker was me.) An outfielder for the Omaha Royals (Kansas City Royals), Mitch is hitting .345 with 17 RBI and 20 runs scored over 28 games.

– Kris

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