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A full month has passed since I last included an update of the Topps 52s cards I’ve gotten autographed in person this season. I had planned on either listing these alphabetically or by player height, but since Mario has been patiently waiting to see what Mike Rabelo’s “in-person” signature looks like, I will begin with this his card.

Mike Rabelo (2007 – no. 133)

The conversation amongst graphers is always interesting when a new player gets added to the roster. This is especially true when discussing new players with big league experience. Has anyone gotten him before? Does he sign? Is he nice? What cards do you have for him? Is he actually in town, or is this one of those “paper moves?” There was a considerable level of concern among the Albuquerque Autographing Society that Mike Rabelo may not be a great signer after being sent down to Triple-A from the Florida Marlins. Although I’m sure he’d prefer to be playing for the Marlins, Mike proved to be extremely pleasant to talk to. Mike didn’t even balk when asked to sign a few autographs after a game.

Brayan Pena
(2006 – no. 213)

Brayan Pena is currently a catcher with the Omaha Royals. “The Cuban Ichiro” has 14 at bats with the Kansas City Royals so far in 2008.

Gustavo Molina (2007 – no. 118)

Gustavo Molina is currently catching for the New Orleans Zephyrs. He does have a total of seven at bats in the major leagues this season. Molina was very accommodating. After I thanked him for his autograph, Gustavo thanked me for “coming out to the game.”

Ruddy Lugo
(2006 – no. 62)

A starting pitcher for the New Orleans Zephyrs, Lugo has amassed a record of 6-8 with an ERA of 5.21 over 17 starts so far this season. As pictured on this interesting card, Julio’s brother prepares to deliver his mysterious “fog ball.”

Rich Hill (2006 – no. 71)

As of this posting, Rich Hill is pitching for the Arizona League Cubs. I got this card autographed a couple of weeks ago when he passed through the Duke City with Triple-A Iowa. It’s really more of a rehearsed scribble than a signature, but I understand that Rich has been preoccupied trying to figure out what was happening on the mound.

Eude Brito (2006 – no. 215)

Eude Brito is currently pitching in relief for the Double-A Binghamton Mets. I was able to get Eude’s signature on the Fourth when he came to Albuquerque with the Triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs (New York Mets). Brito didn’t have much to say, but took no offence when asked to sign his card.

Ryan Shealy (2006 – no. 129)

Six-foot-five Ryan Shealy provides an excellent target for Omaha Royals infielders. A single error in 62 games played thus far this season has undoubtedly resulted in his teammates feeling confident that Shealy will scoop up anything they toss over in his general vicinity. Shealy also leads the O-Royals as they head into the Triple-A All-Star break with a dozen homers.

Luis Figueroa
(2006 – no. 237)

Luis Figueroa is currently the everyday shortstop for the Triple-A Iowa Cubs. Figueroa is a swell guy and inks a nice signature. However, it would be nice Luis would take it easier on Isotopes pitching when the Cubs return for a four-game set this weekend.

Anderson Hernandez (2006 – no. 160)

Anderson Hernandez is currently the everyday shortstop for the Triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs. I believe he spent a couple of weeks on “fidrych experience,” my 2006 fantasy baseball team, while up for brunch with the New York Mets. This is a great card, and Anderson stepped to plate and lined a shot up the middle with this signature!

Billy Butler
(2007 – no. 55)

Butler was recalled to the Kansas City Royals soon after I got his autograph while he was playing for Triple-A Omaha. Thanks to Topps for finding an excuse to soil the back of Butler’s card by adding a reference to aRod.

Billy Butler (2007 – no. DD11)

Hmmm… this image of Billy Butler seems oddly familiar. It appears that Topps blew their “creativity budget” looking at aRod’s stats- leaving little for Butler’s Dynamic Duo card with Alex Gordon beyond a quickie cut-and-paste Photoshop job. Thanks again Topps!

Tune in next month for another exciting adventure in the life of some lucky Topps 52 Rookies cards! Really the only new teams I will see during the remainder of this summer are the Sacramento RiverCats (Oakland A’s) and Fresno Grizzlies (San Francisco Giants)- but you never know who will get traded, and where they may end up.

Once again I would like to invite any reader who has duplicate autographed Topps 52s cards to trade to check out my trade list posted on the Aardvark Trading Co. website.

– Kris

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4 Responses to “topps 52s autographs”

  1. Mario A. Says:

    Wow, look at all those autographs. You live the life, I tell ya!!!

    Congrats on Rabelo and I love the Hill. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to trade for the Hill. I know someone who would appreciate it.

  2. Charlie Says:

    Just like Mario, always looking out for me :) I actually have a Topps 52 certified pack-pulled auto of Darren Clarke that I would be happy to send you in trade for the Hill card. Just let me know.

  3. albuqwirke Says:

    Thanks, but I don’t have any duplicates of this one to trade.

  4. kokkinula Says:

    mmh, of brayan pena i have a ball and a bat signed…well, the bat was actually one of his, so i guess it counts double…

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