2006 iowa cubs team set review

2006 Iowa Cubs team set
Official Score – DINGER
Manufacturer: MultiAd Sports
Sponsor: Post
Retail price: $9.99

I liked the design of 2006 Iowa Cubs team set cards the first moment I saw them. From the perspective of someone who collects baseball cards with the goal of getting them autographed by players, I always have an eye out for cards with backgrounds that won’t compete with or overpower a signature. Not only does the background in this instance not compete, but also the variable light blue colors actually help make autographs stand out. I should add that I pretty much stick to blue Sharpie for my autographs.

Since I began writing these team set reviews, I’ve come to appreciate a checklist. A plain stadium overview photo or a team logo is fine. However, a photo of the sponsor leaves you with a feeling that you bought a gumball and it spilled out from the machine before you were ready to catch it, and landed on the floor. Sure, you can still use it- no damage done, but the overall experience could have been better. At any rate, the checklist that comes with this set is pretty sweet. The front features a photo of outfielder Felix Pie, placing him on both ends of the set. Felix’s regular card depicts him in the process of batting. The addition of the Iowa Cubs logo in the background helps make the checklist issue the better of the two (unless you require stats).

Checklist: 30 cards
1 – Felix Pie (of)
2 – David Aardsma (p)
3 – Bobby Brownlie (p)
4 – Buck Coats (of)
5 – Jeff Deardorff (inf)
6 – Alan Dunn (pitching coach)
7 – Brandon Emanuel (p)
8 – Mike Fontenot (inf)
9 – Bob Grimes (trainer)
10 – Angel Guzman (p)
11 – Rich Hill (p)
12 – Von Joshua (hitting coach)
13 – Casey Kopitzke (c)
14 – Kerry Lightenberg (p)
15 – Casey McGehee (inf)
16 – Ryan O’Malley (p)
17 – Augie Ojeda (p)
18 – Matt Padgett (of)
19 – Mike Quade (manager)
20 – Michael Restovich (of)
21 – Jae-Kuk Ryu (p)
22 – Andy Shipman (p)
23 – Brandon Sing (inf)
24 – Geovany Soto (c)
25 – Ryan Theriot (inf)
26 – Raul Valdes (p)
27 – Les Walrond (p)
28 – Mark Watson (p)
29 – Michael Wuertz (p)
30 – checklist (Felix Pie photo)

These (thin) cards feature a glossy front surface. I recommend using your preferred method of surface preparation prior to getting them signed. Card backs consist of two-color (black and blue) printing over white matte, typical player stats and short bios. Cropped grayscale photos on the back hint to the original backgrounds that were removed from the photos during the creation of these cards. I like that! No photo credits were given.

I’m afraid that I was unable to determine the template information, as this particular style doesn’t appear on the current version MultiAd online catalogue. Interestingly, Geovany Soto is used by MultiAd in all examples of card styles currently available. While not the clearest photo in the set, it manages to get the point across. No self-respecting Geovany Soto super collector should be without one.

The 2006 Iowa Cubs team set provides a decent mixture of position players either hitting or fielding, and wearing several variations of uniforms to keep things pretty interesting. The card of Casey McGehee is a fair representation of the over all composition of the position players.

The Andy Shipman card serves as an average example of the majority of the 13 pitchers in the set. To be sure, a person could point out flaws here and there among some of the images, but that would too much work to bother.

No, the cards in this team set do not come autographed. You have to get them yourself, but that’s where the real fun is. This unsigned Matt Padgett card is one of my favorites, but I admit that it has a lot to do with the fact that he once played for the Albuquerque Isotopes and is a great guy.

Imagine if they allowed fans to vote for an award given to the nicest player in professional baseball each year… The 2006 Iowa Cubs would have had a staggering two worthy candidates in hitting coach Von Joshua and pitcher Les Walrond. I don’t know how you would resolve the issue short of putting them both in a ring and letting them fight for the title.

I haven’t been able to find the 2006 Iowa Cubs team set available for purchase on the secondary market, but would expect one to fetch between $12.00 and $18.00. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you want to add one of these kool team sets to your baseball card collection, you should purchase them directly from the Iowa Cubs for let’s just say ten bucks. You won’t find the set on the Iowa Cubs online shop for some unknown reason, so you should contact them directly to place your order.

After you buy your set, please let me know who you think the players are on the cards with manager Mike Quade and trainer Bob Grimes. I’m pretty sure the Grimes card also includes Casey Kopitzke but would appreciate any input!

– Kris

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2 Responses to “2006 iowa cubs team set review”

  1. Todd Crull Says:

    Hi Kris. My name is Todd and I am the designer of all of the Cubs sets on this page. I appreciate the kind words. It’s nice to see some actual feedback of the what seems likes hundreds of card designs I created over the years at MultiAd (I left in 2007 and I think the Iowa Cubs 2007 set was my last). The lettered and numbered choices for fronts and backs were all my designs. We created a sell sheet that listed them all and took them to the MiLB winter meetings. The templates I created for these cut our production time on these in half. I was always hampered by the fact that I had no input into what photos we could use. The teams usually only sent one image for each player. If we were lucky, we’d get an action shot and a head shot. So we did the best with what we were given. Again, thanks for the kind words. Have a great day.

  2. Todd Crull Says:

    Hi Kris. Todd again. Also, FWIW, I’ve probably got a small box FULL of sets I did back in the day.

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