short and sweet (allen & ginter)

Not long after our deal for a case of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards fell through, I decided to skip the chase this time around and look for a decent price on a hand collated set. This resulted in picking up an entire set of the regular-sized cards (including short prints) delivered to my door for a little less than it would have cost for me to hop in my truck and drive to Target and purchase two blaster boxes (assuming they would have any).

While I decide whether or not I will work on the mini parallel set, I can continue to pick up singles as needed. For instance, when the Oklahoma RedHawks recently visited the Duke City for a four game series with the Isotopes, it was absolutely necessary to have this 2008 mini Kazuo Fukumori card (no. 98) to get autographed, so I picked it up on eBay.

Fukumori is a man of few (English) words. With the help of his interpreter, I was able to extend my gratitude to Kazuo for taking the time before a game to sign my card.

The most recent homestand also provided me with a golden opportunity to get Paul LoDuca to sign a few 2007 Allen & Ginter cards for my collection. These include the base card…

The mini parallel…

And this “game-worn” jersey card…

I wasn’t really sure how well the relic card was going to take a Sharpie signature, but I am of the opinion that it looks just great.

If you agree with me and happen to have an extra Paul LoDuca bat card from the 2008 set that you can get mailed by THIS FRIDAY, I will be willing to do my best to do a rare “50/50” autographing trade with you. I will only do baseball cards though, so don’t even think about sending a baseball, jersey, photo, helmet, or anything that isn’t a baseball card. Your understanding on this matter this is greatly appreciated.

– Kris

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3 Responses to “short and sweet (allen & ginter)”

  1. nmboxer Says:

    When I saw Paul LoDuca on the local news, I knew you would be on the case. He was only here for about ten seconds, right? Really nice autos.

  2. albuqwirke Says:

    Yeah, Paul was only in town for a few games. He was SUPER friendly though, and signed autographs for everyone who waited outside the clubhouse after the games… even though there must have been 75 or more people who wanted his signature.

  3. nmboxer Says:

    We would have LOVED to have seen him. With all the traveling we’ve had to do, especially the Denver trips, driving up to Albuquerque and back with the kids became too difficult logistically. We can’t believe the season’s over. And we missed getting Paul’s autograph! :-/

    However, everything you’ve posted has been so much fun to see, especially the pretty autos, and we will always appreciate how much you added to this baseball season for us. Soon, normalcy will return around here–and now our older daughter is hooked on the ‘Topes.

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