trading arizona (1975 topps)

Then over here you have favoritism.”

“Bill Roberts?”

“No, not that motherscratcher… Bill Plummer!

If you aren’t familiar with Bill Plummer, he was a major league catcher who managed to maintain Ueckeresque hitting and fielding stats for the better part of a decade while playing for the Cincinnati Reds throughout the 70s. Bill rode the pine for the bulk of his career while backing up Johnny Bench, yet he was an integral cog in the Big Red Machine that won World Championships in 75 and 76. Although he batted only .188 lifetime, Plummer absolutely owned Ken Brett and Steve Carlton- whom he hit .444 and .429 against respectively. In fact, 2 of Bill’s 14 career homeruns were launched off Carlton.

Bill Plummer (1975 Topps no. 656) and a 1975 Dodge Dart Custom

Bill Plummer doesn’t spend nearly as much time in the bullpen these days. Instead, he makes the dugout his primary address and maintains a vacation home in the third base coaching box, as he is currently the manager for the Triple-A Tucson Sidewinders (Arizona Diamondbacks). I was able to get this card autographed earlier this spring when the Baby Snakes slithered over to the Rio Grande Valley to take 3 of 4 games from the home team by a combined score of 41 to 23. That’s some RAZZTASTIC pitching!

More recently, I have rebuilt my 1975 Topps set to right around 90 percent. I now only need 28 cards to complete the set, although there are an additional 40 cards that I will replace once I encounter “better” ones. There are also a few cards in the set that I will always take nice specimens of in trade, including Bill Lee, Cookie Rojas, and Oscar Gamble. Are YOU currently working on building this set? I currently have hundreds of 1975 Topps baseball cards for trade.

– Kris

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