2008 dav minor league master set team checklist

Another slight departure from my normal reviews of minor league baseball team sets in that this entry isn’t intended as a “review.” Rather, my goal here is to simply let readers know what minor league teams participated in the absolutely wonderful Disabled American Veterans (DAV) baseball program during the summer of 2008. I’m not sure how long the 2008 information will remain available on the DAV website as they are probably already working hard on the schedule for 2009. After all, there may be a team you are interested in, and it is quite possible that you will be able to pick up their DAV team set on the secondary market long before I get around to reviewing it.

You will have to wait for the individual DAV team set reviews for an official Aardvark Trading Company-sponsored player checklist. (Okay, if you want to know if a particular player is included in a team set, either shoot me an email or leave a comment here and I will let you know. Please just don’t ask for an entire team checklist. (Try bribery if you want me to review one team before any others….).)

Also, I will be adding links to this master list as I review individual team sets. So if you happen upon this posting via a Google search or whatever, you will not be forced to scan the entire Cards in the Attic archive to find out more about the team set you are interested in.

The 2008 DAV minor league baseball master set contains 277 cards from 1 independent league team and 17 minor league teams. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why more organizations didn’t take advantage of this excellent promotion. Slackers, I presume, until evidence to the contrary is presented.

1 – 10: Iowa Cubs
11 – 15: New Hamshire Fisher Cats
16 – 25: Oklahoma Redhawks
26 – 31: Louisville Bats
32 – 36: Salt Lake Bees (part I)
37 – 70: Hickory Crawdads
71 – 74: Pawtucket Red Sox
75 – 104: Potomac Nationals
105 – 128: Salt Lake Bees (part II)
129 – 140: Wilmington Blue Rocks
141 – 152: Tulsa Drillers
153 – 157: Omaha Royals
158 – 165: New Britain RockCats
166 – 191: Sioux Falls Canaries
192 – 194: Peoria Chiefs
195 – 204: Albuquerque Isotopes
205 – 227: Joliet Jack Hammers
228 – 261: Cedar Rapids Kernals
262 – 277: Camden Riversharks

Considered “Limited Editions,” these team sets were available only as FREE SGA promotions, and as such, were not and will not be made available for sale either at minor league stadiums or through online team shops. In other words, if you didn’t make it out to the ballpark for the game when the DAV was there, you need to hustle to find someone who did, then talk him or her out of their cards.

– Kris

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