the wind cries “trade me”

“A broom is drearily sweeping
Up the broken pieces of yesterday’s life”

Partially inspired by the relationship between Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Mayfield, but mostly looking for things to do rather than writing thank you notes for gifts I received for Krismas, I thought I would pull together a quick entry about a number of trades that I have completed “recently.” As much as I enjoy a good trade, it is funny how I almost always have some other ongoing project that requires my attention more than blogging. Here is a prime example of why I sometimes fail to write anything at all

I have no intention on including scans of every card I’ve received in trade, or even listing them in their entirety. This isn’t because I’m a jerk, but because I don’t believe anyone really is that interested in reading about the trades in that detail. On the other hand, if you have made a trade with me and I’ve omitted your name, feel free to chalk that one up to me being a total jerk. Please accept my sincere apology and do not hesitate to call me on the omission in the comments section.

In no particular order then, THANKS!

I recently received ten 2008 Allen & Ginter mini cards from half of the S&M blogging duo that composes A Cardboard Problem in trade for some random Cardinals infielder I’d never heard of. A few days later and I was packing up a few cards for the other half of ACP for a swap for a handful of Steve Finley cards I wanted. True to karma, I’ve pulled more cards of the two players that I sent out in trade in the few days since the trades were completed than I have of anyone else. Geesh!

A sizable trade of Topps 52s Rookie cards with The Easy Life resulted in the addition of a stack of 2008 Goudey baseball cards to my office after I decided I would collect the National League half of that set. Steve also tossed in a bunch of awesome Dodgers cards, including my first Upper Deck Masterpieces card. (Uh oh… these things are NICE!) Not only did I score cards of baby Dodgers to potentially get autographed this next season, but also a couple of cards that had already been autographed.


Whether we are talking about Cory Snyder or Jay Howell, it must be obvious that I won’t hesitate to scan and post images of autographed cards due to the fact that they are completely different from regular cards that anyone has an opportunity to pull from a pack. It has gotten to the point for me that when I see a baseball card, I feel that it isn’t “complete” until it has been autographed by the player. I guess that is just the historian in me.


In one of the most intriguing deals of 2008, Mark from Stats on the Back traded me 25 Steve Finley cards in exchange for a full half-inch of empty space in one of, what I assume must be, MANY monster storage boxes. (Expect to read more about that in a future post.)

Not to be outdone, the ever charitable folks behind the curtains at Dinged Corners supplied me with cards shiny enough to top any respectable pine tree, while the Cardboard Junkie continued to feed my addiction with a badly needed A&G mini here, a 75 Topps there, another hit of 08 Heritage that I just can’t seem to kick, and other random goodies I didn’t even know I needed- until I had a taste!

I’ve completed trades in person with local collectors as well as with a number of blogless collectors via a few interweb message boards that have been proving quite useful in chasing out the sets I am building. Oh sure, I could simply be purchasing the majority of these cards on eBay, but where’s the joy in that?

I also want to take a moment to thank in advance Danny at Saints of the Cheap Seats and FanofReds at Nachos Grande for trades that are either currently in the works, or possibly passing like postcards of ships in the night.

If you are looking to increase your pool of card trading friends and have yet to check out any of these bloggers’ want lists, I urge you to do so immediately. That is, AFTER you have revisited my updated want lists!

“Will the wind ever remember
The names it has blown in the past”

– Kris

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