one cookie per customer

I actually met Cookie Rojas once in the mid 70s while attending a large sporting goods convention with my father. I had no idea that Cookie was going to be there, so I wasn’t carrying any of his cards with me for autographing. Luckily, he had a supply of photographs with him, and signed one for me. He seemed like a very nice guy.

Born Octavio Victor Rojas Rivas in Cuba, “Cookie” is set to turn 70 on March 6th of this year. I had heard that Cookie no longer signed autographs- especially thru the mail. I didn’t find this impossible to believe given that the last time I had seen him on television, he was all fired up and giving umpire Charlie Williams a piece of his mind following a call during the 1999 playoffs. I was convinced that Williams had made the correct call, and I remember thinking that Cookie might burst a vein if he didn’t calm down. Cookie ended up getting suspended for a handful of games for shoving Williams.

Still, I wanted to have my 1975 Topps Cookie Rojas baseball card autographed… What to do? After expending a considerable amount of time running several different scenarios through my brain, I decided to send Cookie the card and a nice, short letter. I figured the worst thing that could happen would be for Cookie to toss my card(s*) into the trash after beating up his mailman for bringing him an autograph request. (*Okay, I also included Cookie’s 1974 Topps card under the 1975 card because I am a glutton for punishment.)


Apparently thinking that the facsimile signature provided by Topps was “good enough,” Cookie autographed the 1974 card, and returned the 1975 unsigned. So do I ban Cookie Rojas from the Aardvark Attic of Appreciation because he failed to sign both cards? Not a chance! I think the five-time All-Star was a stellar player, makes a fantastic coach and probably was even an outstanding scout. (I’m just not sure how one measures a scout’s ability.) I appreciate the fact that he bothered to even sign one of my cards. Thus, he’s “in!” I will just wait until next off-season and resend him the 1975 card and nothing else.

Did you know that Cookie once appeared at every position on the field during a game while play for the Phillies? That is one kool Cookie!

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One Response to “one cookie per customer”

  1. zman40 Says:

    I picked up a ’75 Topps Rojas card this weekend. That is a nice looking card. I still sent him my ’71 just because I don’t have any ’71s signed. I do like that ’74, though. It looks like he is at a little league field.

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