i sought the law…

…and Vance Law signed.

The BYU Cougars baseball team traveled to Albuquerque this past weekend, seemingly on a mission to drop two of three hard fought games to the UNM Lobos. I managed to catch up with their head coach, Vance Law, after he had completed a post game radio interview. Vance was nice enough to take the time to autograph a selection of his baseball cards from my collection, in spite of the fact that his team bus was waiting for his return in order to transport the young Cougars to their hotel. No stranger to patience, Law once covered third base in a game that lasted 25 innings. Vance played the hot corner flawlessly, but managed only one hit in ten at bats during that contest.


Although Vance Law’s 1984 Topps baseball card (no. 667) wasn’t my favorite before he signed them, it now is. This card is perfect for Law’s signature. I asked Vance if he had a favorite baseball card. He replied that he did, and it was one of his All-Star cards, but was unsure of the manufacturer. Possibly he could have been talking about either a Fleer or Donruss card published in 1989. I don’t have either.


Law’s 1987 Topps baseball card (no. 127) is one of a set that I catch no end of grief for liking. I offer no apologies.


A 1988 Topps Vance Law baseball card (no. 346) is not complete until it has been autographed. Catch him in person if possible- he is an extremely nice man.


Don’t you think that Vance Law’s 1989 Topps card (no. 501) is a fine portrait?


Either my brain is scrambled from having heard to many pings resulting from baseballs being struck by aluminum bats, or Vance Law’s 1990 Topps card (no. 287) includes a photo that was taken the same day as the photo Topps used on his 1989 card.

– Kris

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3 Responses to “i sought the law…”

  1. zman40 Says:

    That is pretty cool. I had no idea he was coaching college ball.

  2. whitesoxcards Says:

    Vance has one of my favorite signatures. It’s both readable and unique. I’ve always heard that he’s a really nice person. It’s great to have some confirmation from someone a little closer to home.

  3. albuqwirke Says:

    I should have maybe mentioned that two of Vance’s sons, Adam and Andrew, are infielders with the Cougars this season as well. But I don’t have any cards of them, so I guess I forgot.

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