let me count the ways (2007 topps heritage)

How do you pass the time while the home team is on the road? I usually get tangled up in all sorts of strange activities, but things that must be done include watching the Isotopes play on MiLB.TV (where available) and pulling cards to be autographed during the next homestand(s). This week I also managed to get caught up on my weeding and planted several rows of popcorn in the garden, but that is a topic for a different blog altogether.

While sifting through cards in preparation for the upcoming series against Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs, I realized that I may not get an opportunity to have Jeff Weaver sign his 2007 Topps Heritage baseball card. Not long after that, I caught myself wondering how many cards from that set I have managed to get autographed in person to date. Before I knew it, I was pulling those cards and thinking of the best way to include them in a blog article. I decided to include them all, but since there are 27, I think it makes sense to break it up into a small three-part series.

For those of you born in the past couple of years, the 2007 Topps Heritage design is based on the 1958 Topps baseball series. The 1958 Topps card represented in my “baseball card type collection” features Dodger pitching sensation Sandy Koufax (no. 187). The card numbered 187 in the 2007 Topps Heritage set features Randy Johnson. Did you realize that, as of this posting, Koufax hit twice as many career homers as has Johnson? Of course Sandy had nearly 200 more at bats than Randy has.


Since they are both pitchers, I will continue with that theme today and post scans of all of the cards of twirlers I have gotten autographed from the 2007 Topps Heritage set. If I’ve said it once, I’ve probably said it five times or more, a baseball card isn’t complete until it has been autographed by the player(s) it depicts.


Jose Capellan – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 407



Jose Diaz – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 367



Philip Humber – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 449



Eric Milton – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 172



Patrick Misch – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 211



Chris Narveson – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 65



Ricky Nolasco – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 399



Ervin Santana – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 264



Taylor Tankersley – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 472



Derrick Turnbow – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 124

I will be posting scans of the rest of the cards from this set that I have gotten signed over the next couple of days, so be sure to check back if you want to see which ones they are. Heck, even if you don’t care you might as well check back in to see if I actually manage another post in less than a month.

– Kris

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