if you can’t pull ’em…

I’ve finally created and posted my want list for the 2009 Topps Heritage baseball card set I am working towards completing. In celebration of that milestone, I thought I would post scans of a few of the cards in the set that I have gotten autographed in person so far this season. I’m not overly bothered that I rarely pull a kool autographed card from my boxes, because each unsigned card represents the potential for obtaining an in-person signature.

Before I get to the autographed cards, here is the specimen that represents the 1960 Topps baseball set within my type collection.


Tommy Davis – 1960 Topps no. 509

The rules pertaining to my type collection are pretty lax. Basically, I am working toward obtaining one card from as many different sets as I can, and acquiring them thru trading channels whenever possible. With that in mind, if you absolutely need this Tommy Davis card in your collection, make me an offer.

Onward with the autographs…


Alcides Escobar – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 143

Alcides Escobar passed thru the Duke City last week with the Nashville Sounds. The fleet-footed shortstop prefers stealing bases to signing autographs, but will sign one per fan.


Greg Golson – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 130

Greg Golson also will sign one autograph per fan. The Oklahoma City RedHawks outfielder does have a rather stylish signature, don’t you think?


Chris Hayes – Royals Team – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 413

Team cards are swell for getting autographs of players who don’t have many baseball cards of their own. This particular signature belongs to pitcher Chris Hayes. Hayes will probably end up having a large number of baseball cards before his baseball career draws to a close.


James McDonald – Dodgers Team – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 18

Team cards are also great for players who have cards, but you think merit more NOW! Case in point, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher James McDonald. The Dodgers were nice enough to loan McDonald to Isotopes fans for a few weeks during the first half of the season, but I don’t expect to see much more of him in the minors.


Jason Repko – Dodgers Team – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 18

Deja different! Same card as above, but signed by outfielder Jason Repko. Currently playing outfield with the Isotopes, Repko is a standout ballplayer, and a heck of a nice guy. In case you are wondering, I also enjoy getting team logo cards signed by players, but you don’t see them being produced all that often. If you have minor league logo cards that you want to unload, give me a shout.


Carlos Rosa – Royals Team – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 413

A few rough outings have resulted in some rather inflated stats for this young pitcher thus far this season. Unfortunately, Carlos Rosa performed very well during his appearances in Albuquerque. Rosa will continue to work on his stuff in Omaha until he can join their parent club in Kansas City.


Angel Salome – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 121

Angel Salome’s card is great, and his autograph is pretty interesting, but you should see the guns on this dude! I have no idea how he manages to hold a Sharpie in his hands without crushing it. Currently catching with the Nashville Sounds, keep your eyes peeled for when Angel joins the Brewers.

Again, please visit my 2009 Topps Heritage baseball card want list on the Aardvark Trading Co. website. If you have cards I need, chances are I can help you out as well.

– Kris

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