topps 52s… dodgers blues

The focus of this blog post is simply to feature a few autographed Topps 52 Rookies baseball cards of former Los Angeles Dodgers players. I had originally planned a rant on the terrible trade that sent Tony Abreu to the Arizona Diamondbacks at the end of the 2009 season, then decided that probably the only people who even care about that deal wouldn’t want to think about it anyway. Besides, the Dodgers are not the only Major League team making bad trades. Thus, you are spared that discussion and rewarded with a few images of nice blue Sharpie signatures on baseball cards that are ideal for autographing.

Tony Abreu. (2007 Topps 52 – no. 9)

The chrome variant of these cards also takes a nice Sharpie signature after having the surface quickly treated with baby powder. Chrome cards signed without surface preparation have a tendency to bubble and smear, and generally look rather crappy, so do not skip that important step in your graphing routine.

Tony Abreu. (2007 Topps 52 Chrome – no. TCRC 10)

Eric Hull did spend a few days on the Dodgers bench during the 2007 season, but did not actually appear in a major league game until later in the season with the Houston Astros. I believe Hull is currently retired.

Eric Hull (2007 Topps 52 – no. 128)

One of the kool things about baseball cards is that they rarely fail to teach you something new, assuming you are willing to look for that information. For instance, did you know that Eric Stults was born exactly six days after Eric Hull?

Eric Stults (2007 Topps 52 – no. 106)

Eric Stults spent the 2010 season playing for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. I’ve tried following American ballplayers as they continue their careers overseas, but never successfully. Somehow those stats seem to get lost in translation.

– Kris

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