made in the USA: tommy lasorda

I can count on one hand, the number of Upper Deck products I actually like enough to collect. Furthermore, I would hazard a guess that I could suffer a tragic accident while making a guest appearance with Jimmy Smith’s S & S Aqua Logging crew on’s Ax Men and still be able to make that claim. Granted, it would be more of a challenge to sort the cards with fewer fingers, but it wouldn’t make me like them any more.

One of my favorite Upper Deck products is their 25th Anniversary USA Baseball set that was released in 2004. When facing the challenge of deciding what card I would ask a player to autograph when I meet them, if they have a card in this set, it is ALWAYS my first choice. The one exception to this was when Milton Bradley refused to sign his card with my blue Sharpie, so I had him autograph a different card.

2004 Upper Deck USA Tommy Lasorda no. 109

I wrangled an autograph from Tommy Lasorda after spotting him wandering around an Albuquerque casino prior to the 2007 Triple-A All-Star game. The neat thing about featuring a Tommy Lasorda card is that he needs no introduction.

Technically, I did not collect this product, but rather picked up the entire 200-card set (less the three inserted autographed cards) on eBay for twelve bucks including shipping. You can still pick up the entire set for a low price. In fact, I’ve seen it selling for $28.99 on– you know… the “other” online baseball card shop.

At any rate, one of my goals for 2011 is to feature the cards that I have gotten autographed from this set on a semi-regular basis. Although I have gotten that majority signed in person, I am always willing to trade for cards from this set, as long as they have been signed in blue Sharpie.

– Kris

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