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February 15, 2008

I picked up a handful of interesting baseball cards yesterday, the old fashioned way- via a trade. sort of…. Steve over at White Sox Cards sent me a package of cards after I sent him a baker’s dozen that I figured would be better served in his collection than mine. Click HERE if you are interested in the cards that I sent Steve.

In return, I received the following:

2007 A&G mini – B.J. Upton no. 212 [NEEDED for my set]
07 Bowman – Adam Bass no. BP99 [* Portland 2009]
07 Bowman – Mike Devaney no. BP40 [* New Orleans 8/20-8/24]
07 Bowman – Carlos Gonzalez no. BDPP108 [* Tucson 5/2-5/5]
07 Topps – Scott Hairston no. UH47 [* Portland 2009]
85 Fleer – Ken Howell no. 374
07 Bowman – Jon Knott no. BDP17
07 Topps 52s – Neal Musser no. 132 [* Omaha 5/15-5/18, 6/13-6/16]
07 Topps 52s – Guillermo Rodriguez no. 77 [* Fresno 7/26-7/29]
07 Bowman – Ryan Schreppel no. BP22
07 Topps – Chris Schroder no. UH317
07 Bowman – Gerrit Simpson no. BP29
07 Bowman – Steven Sollmann no. BP39 [* Nashville 4/19-4/22, 5/27-5/30]
07 Topps – Joakim Soria no. UH180 [* Omaha 5/15-5/18, 6/13-6/16]
07 Bowman – Randy Wells no. BP74
07 Bowman – Chris Coghlan JERSEY CARD no. BDPP95


Although I was happy to receive all of these cards, I was EXTREMELY excited when I saw the Coghlan card as I fully expect that he will spend time playing for the Albuquerque Isotopes in 2008. The card will look fantastic autographed!

[* Although any of the other players may find themselves playing in Albuquerque in the near future, some may visit the Duke City this season.]

I also added another interesting baseball card to my collection courtesy of Mike from Awesomely Bad (Ass) Wax Packs. Under the rules of the contest that I “won,” I was fully expecting to receive a terrible insert card in the mail. I admit that when I first laid eyes on the Ivan Rodriguez card I thought it was about as exciting as receiving socks for Christmas. Here it is. Judge for yourself.


After I thought about it for a while, I recalled that sad Christmas tree that Charlie Brown picked out for his school musical in the classic holiday cartoon from the 1960s. Remember, all that little tree needed was some attention and respect, and then even Snoopy was dancing around it like a fool. With that life lesson in mind, I began looking at Mike’s card in a whole new light. And behold…


I like it!

Thanks guys!

– Kris