is this (wax) heaven?

No, but it is a link to a contest that Aardvark Trading Co. is currently sponsoring over at Wax Heaven. Of course, if I need to inform you that Wax Heaven is one of the most popular baseball card blogs in the business, then you obviously have neither been doing your homework nor copying from your neighbor.

Without repeating the terms of the contest here (you will need to hustle over to Wax Heaven to learn how to enter), I will let you know that the prize is a PAIR of autographed Topps 52s baseball cards. One of the cards is Paul Hoover’s from the 2006 set (no. 212), and the other is Ross Wolf’s from the 2007 set (no. 172). Both players are presently on the Albuquerque Isotopes roster, and waiting patiently for THE phone to ring.

In my mind, it makes perfect sense to sponsor a contest with Mario’s readers given his “history,” and one might even wager “future,” with the Florida Marlins organization.

The only thing that is confusing is why you are still here reading when I’ve already told you that your only shot at winning is dependent on your visiting Wax Heaven immediately, if not sooner.

Good luck!


Okay, the Wax Heaven contest is officially closed (but not ended). Be sure to dig the special shout out to the Aardvark Trading Co. in this Wax Heaven video blog.

– Kris

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