your love (2007 topps heritage) – the outfield

Score yourself bonus points if you were aware of the fact that The Outfield formed under the name “The Baseball Boys.” Judging from the outpouring of comments, I would have to classify this three-part serial post about autographed 2007 Topps Heritage baseball cards a smashing success. Outfielders with cards in the set that I have gotten autographed include the following.


Reggie Abercrombie – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 398


Reggie Abercrombie chrome – 2007 Topps Heritage no. THC-45


Chris Denorfia – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 202


Alexis Gomez – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 389


Tony Gwynn Jr. – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 83


Matt Murton – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 66


Ryan Shealy – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 391


Daryle Ward – 2007 Topps Heritage no. 342

One of the major reasons that I enjoy these “fake” retro cards as much as I do is the non-glossy card stock. They simply cannot be topped when you are looking for cards to get autographed.

Oh, and I do have a funny story about Tony Gwynn Jr. and a case of mistaken identity, but given that I can’t/won’t include the punch line here, you’ll have to ask me about it in person sometime.

– Kris

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5 Responses to “your love (2007 topps heritage) – the outfield”

  1. zman40 Says:

    Well, I always enjoy seeing some signed Heritage. That Abercrombie chrome card came out looking good. How did you prep it?

    I can’t believe they listed Shealy as an outfielder. He has never played outfield in the Majors. Same goes for Maier in the last batch being listed as a catcher. As far as I know, he hasn’t caught since college. Nice job Topps.

    What year did you get the Jose Diaz and Alexis Gomez cards signed and what teams were they playing for?

  2. albuqwirke Says:

    Don’t laugh, but I prep all of my shiny cards with “Dirty Girl” brand powder prior to autographing. Just sprinkle a little on, lightly rub it across the surface, then wipe it off on my jeans or t-shirt. Good to go!

    I got Diaz and Gomez to sign my cards last season. Gomez spent part of the year with the Isotopes, and Diaz came through town with New Orleans. I MAY have a duplicate Gomez available to trade, but if not… you can catch up with him at a Roadrunner’s game this summer in St. George, Utah.

    Topps will never receive a golden keyboard award given their half-assed approach to editing.

  3. zman40 Says:

    So, you lay a little layer down and rub it in. Is that it? Is “dirty girl” the best or does it even matter? After you do this, can you tell a difference between a prepped card and a non-prepped card? I just “prepped” an ’09 Topps 2 card (with Johnsons baby powder) and I cannot tell the difference between that one and an un-prepped. Is that normal?

    I am just curious since I have heard of the baby powder method and you are the first one to go into any detail of it for me.

    As for Gomez, I just like to keep track o f former Royals prospects.

  4. albuqwirke Says:

    Depends on the card. Sometimes they don’t look or feel different at all, other times you can actually see the gloss fade away.

    At any rate, I stack all the cards I need to prep, dump some powder on the top card, then dump that off onto the next card. I only rub in the residual powder before wiping it clean.

    Any brand of powder will work, but PLEASE let me know if you find a brand funnier than “Dirty Girl.”

  5. zman40 Says:

    If I find one, you will be the first to know. Thanks for the help!

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