at dewitt’s end

Don’t get me wrong… I’m glad that the Dodgers decided to send Blake DeWitt down to Triple-A in order to get some at bats rather than predominately riding the bench in LA. However, if they don’t call him back up soon, I’m simply going to run out of cards for him to sign.


Blake DeWitt – 2009 Topps Heritage no. 255

Regular playing time and hitting in a ballpark that favors batters slightly more so than does Dodger Stadium is proving to be as good for DeWitt as home cookin’. I believe that Blake’s .308 average, 18 runs scored and 9 driven in over 20 games with the Isotopes support this statement.


Blake DeWitt – 2008 Stadium Club no. 127-a



Blake DeWitt – 2008 Stadium Club no. 127-b

It is almost difficult to believe that DeWitt has been playing long enough that he even has a Topps Total card, or half of one anyway. What a fantastic product Topps Total was!


Blake DeWitt – 2005 Topps Total no. 127

Well, I do have a couple of additional minor league cards Blake can autograph while we wait patiently for the 2009 Isotopes team set to be issued in just less than a month. Don’t forget to visit my want lists on the Aardvark Trading Co. website, especially if you have a bunch of cards of players you’ve never heard of that you would like to swap for cards of big leaguers that you do recognize.

–  Kris

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3 Responses to “at dewitt’s end”

  1. zman40 Says:

    I got an ’04 Bowman Chrome refractor signed last night and the baby powder worked like a charm. Thanks for the advice!

  2. albuqwirke Says:

    Awesome zman40! Relatively painless process, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. zman40 Says:

    Yes, I would. Thanks again.

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