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it’s a mistake

March 20, 2008

I admit that I have a soft spot for error cards. I should clarify that by “error cards,” I am speaking of the variety of errors that we all make every now and then… goof-ups, and not the intentional variety produced by card companies in an attempt to create a buzz.

One specific instance of an error card that I am particularly fond of is Rick Krivda’s 2000 Team USA Victory card (no. 443) produced by Upper Deck (surprise!). One might be tempted to think that the most difficult thing to get right on one of Rick’s cards is the correct spelling of his last name. (I briefly considered spelling it wrong here on purpose to make a point, but I’m afraid it would also have made me appear to be somewhat of a hypocrite.)


Whistle your favorite tune
We’ll send a card and flower

It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake
It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake

– Colin James Hay, 1982

How would you feel if you spent a decade pitching in the minors, a season in the bigs, had a lukewarm cup of instant coffee in an independent league, and been part of the United States Olympic baseball team that struck gold- only to be rewarded by picking up one of your baseball cards and wondering where and when you started looking so much like Chris George? Try explaining that one to your mother and your grandmother!

I think it would be frustrating. Certainly it would be better to simply have your name misspelled.


I asked Chris George what he thought about the mix up last summer while he was autographing his card from the same set (no. 458). He just smiled (more like the smile he was sporting on the Krivda card than on his own for those of you scoring at home) and said that he thought it was unfortunate for Rick. Of course, being the gentleman that he is, Chris was more than happy to sign both cards for my collection.

Conspiracy theorists may suggest that Upper Deck is so on top of their game that the error was intentional, and they were, in fact, penalizing Krivda for having taken the only loss for Team USA as Cuba defeated them 6-1 during his only appearance in the 2000 Olympics. However, I believe it was a case of poor record keeping and shoddy editing. I suspect that the error was never corrected.

Errors sometimes beget errors. Apparently operating under the assuming that two wrongs make a Krivda, has this card posted on their website to help fans pick Rick out of a crowd in case they ever want to get his autograph. Grapher beware!!!

– Kris